William Eggleston

William Eggleston is an American photographer born on July 27, 1939. He attended Vanderbilt University, Delta State College, and the University of Mississippi. Eggleston assumes a neutral gaze and creates his art from commonplace subjects: a farmer’s muddy Ford truck, a red ceiling in a friend’s house, the contents of his own refrigerator. He photographs democratically, literally photographing the world around him. His large-format prints monumentalize everyday subjects; everything is equally important, and every detail deserves attention. His 1967 ‘Color Photographs’ show at the Museum of Modern Art was groundbreaking for its striking, saturated color but also for his observational style. He currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.


William Eggleston is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Stephan Breuer and Edition: Best of the Met

Untitled (1974)
Untitled (Downtown Morton, Mississippi) (1970)
Untitled (1984)
Untitled (Greenwood, Mississippi) (1980)
Untitled (Memphis) (1971)
Untitled (Near Morton, Mississippi) (1972)
Untitled (Outskirts of Morton, Mississippi, Halloween) (1971)
Untitled (Greenwood, Mississippi) (1970)
Untitled (1974)
Untitled (Tall Clouds) Los Alamos Portfolio