Henry Rollins: Will, I need you.
Will Bentley: I’m here.
Rollins: Oh, good. Have you ever heard of a wedge issue? A wedge issue.
Bentley: I’m not sure what you’re referring to.
Rollins: Have you heard of the term, wedge issue?
Bentley: I have not.
Rollins: Okay, sometimes it’s used in political discourse. it’s an issue like a hot button issue that divides voters like, oh, abortion, immigration, healthcare. It’s a wedge issue, a wedge issue.
Bentley: Yeah, that makes sense.
Rollins: Okay, have you ever heard of a wedgie issue? A wedgie issue?
Bentley: Um, I’ve heard of a wedgie.
Rollins: Can you say the term, wedgie issue?
Bentley: Wedgie issue.
(Rollins plays the song “The Wedge” by Jutok Kaneko & Takahisa Kikukawa from the album Wedged Night)
Rollins: Will?
Bentley: Yes?
Rollins: Have you ever heard of a wedged night?
B: I have not.
Rollins: Have you ever heard of a wedgie night?
Bentley: No.
Rollins: I find that hard to believe.



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Henry Rollins


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