Sometimes, regarding wolf dog people in power suits and spandex from space, we distract ourselves from uncomfortable feelings by rushing to claim, mark, sort, understand, accept, reject, or make a knowing chortle towards. Now, with years of research to draw upon, one thing is certain: Stop. Stop and un-find un-sort un-understand. Our data will soon be slipping back into the substrate within ancient museums to be buried at sea. Where, at last, again, all fossils, skeletons, books and records are to be returned to the permanent collection. Power Animal System is a limited time offering.

There is a neon color-blocked unitard on a wind-burnished statue of a forgotten lioness-headed goddess, in a desert, strong legs forged of gold, not waiting to be discovered. There are a pair of pink speedos on an enormous wolf bound and gagged under the earth where he will remain until the end of earth’s days, when the sun is eaten by his children.

There are lionwolf womenmen in battle, beyond time, in heels, wrestling, attacking, using telepathy. Sleek silver space wolves play geometrically instructive domination submission games. Tiger people moray in and out of visual fields preferring fabrics that absorb unstable light. And who could possibly suspect the power-suited wolfdoggirlboyboygirl CEO newscaster secretary witches, after work, in their devastatingly beautiful terrified acceptance of death, carefully guiding newly departed souls to the threshold of an unknowable beyond.



Power Animal System

Jason Martin


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