Come & Play Mixtape by Throne of Blood Records

  1. Juju and Jordash – Stroop (Buy)
  2. Gal Costa – Milho Verde (Folclore Portuguàs) (Buy)
  3. Simian Mobile Disco – Fourteenth Principle (Buy)
  4. Lexx – A Place in the Haze (Buy)
  5. Picchio dal Pozzo – La Bolla (More Info)
  6. Klaus Schulze – Tango-Saty (Buy)
  7. Las Palabras – Noche Buena (Buy)
  8. Naum Gabo – Dino (Buy)
  9. Jean Michel Jarre – Hypnose (Buy)
  10. Evan Stalker – Ganzfeld (Buy)

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