Michael Klausman from Other Music Mixtape

        Droning Swiss choral music, solo harmonium recordings from mid-20th century, experiments with sub-harmonic sounding snapped piano wire, a recreation of prehistoric stone-age Scandinavian music, and percolating synth-based soundscapes, among others. Enjoy.
              Mixtape cover artwork by Miroslav Tichý
      1. G.I. Gurdjieff – Improvisation (Buy)
      2. Peter Laughner – Baudelaire (More Info)
      3. Gerard Manset – Caesar (Buy)
      4. Ismaila Lo – Ndaxami (Buy)
      5. Eza Mandebele – Emva E-Khaya
      6. Unknown Angolan Singer – Eh! Dotor Neto! (Buy)
      7. Quinteto Armorial – Rasga (More Info)
      8. Antonio Tessera – Furlana
      9. Slava Ranko – Right Hemisphere (More Info)
      10. Iowa Ear Music – Basschurn/Degroot #13 (Buy)
      11. Terry Fox – Internal Sound (More Info)
      12. Musica Svecia – Kohorn Med Fingerhal (More Info)
      13. Tesng Ta-Yu – Benediction from the Stars (More Info)
      14. Fanal – Numinos (More Info)
      15. Craig Leon – Ring With Three Concentric Circles (Buy)
      16. K. Leimer – Red Line (Buy)
      17. Schotze Choir, Stein – Natural Yodel with Rotating Coins (More Info)
      18. Over Tones – Arioso

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