February 14, 1992

Dear Andrea:

The other day I was still thinking about this piece and how it fulfills me now even more. You know, the title: “(Passport)” is very crucial and significant—a white empty blank uninscribed piece of paper, an untouched feeling, an undiscovered experience. A passport to another place, to another life, to a new beginning, to chance; to the chance of meeting that other who makes life a moving force, a chance to alter one’s life and future, an empty passport for life: to inscribe it with the best, the most painful, the most banal, the most sublime, and yet to inscribe it with life, love, memories, fears, voids, and unexpected reasons for being. A simple white object against a white wall, waiting.
As always, yours




Selected Correspondence Letters from Félix González-Torres (1992)

Félix González-Torres


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