a is the aether that anchors the ark.
b is the blemish that brightens the bark.
c is the crimson that circuits the chance.
d is the demon that deadlocks the dance.
e is the ergot that extrudes the ear.
f is the fungus that fractures the fear.
g is the golem that gnasheth the gate.
h is the hollow that horneth the hate.
i is the ibex that invades the inn.
j is the justice that jostles the jinn.
k is the keeper that kooleth the keg.
l is the leopard that looseth the leg.
m is the matrix that mothers the moon.
n is the nadir that nurtures the noon.
o is the oblique that obverts the ounce.
p is the piston that pellets the pounce.
q is the quantum that quickens the quest.
r is the reflex that redeems the rest.
s is the solid that spinneth the swirl.
t is the toroid that truncates the twirl.
u is the unction that utters the urge.
v is the vacuum that vibrates the verge.
w is the wedding that weathers the wrecks.
x is the x-ray that xerics the xyst.
y is the yoga that yonis the yen.
z is the zygote that zooids the zen.



Songs for Schizoid Siblings

Lionel Ziprin


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