India, 2006

Smog, Sadhus, Sikhs and Swastikas.
Car horns honking, bike bell ringing, bad singing
Ventilators and air conditioning.
Puking, pissing, drains and cow shit smelling.
Pilgrims and beggars.
Men gob, staring.
Women veiled.
A million Gods.
Emaciated dogs.
Rats, monkeys and bats.
Everywhere cows.
Water-buffalo with sympathetic faces.
Marble and brick.
Red painted palms.
Fabric covered tree trunks.
Crouching men together on a wall.
Kids throw pebbles and orange peel.
Clicking looms from sweatshops.
Drums, mantras, the intermittent Imam.
Bells around ankles, toes and wrists.



Excerpt from Street Rambling

Ria Pacquee


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