Spoil?? Did he spoil me?
(She submerges her head under water and thrashes around – then sits up)
Ho Ho!!!!! No. I’m not spoiled!! I’m not spoiled.
(Pronounces the word hatefully, laughing ironically, crying)
I’m not spoiled at all. I’m just as fresh and virginal as the day I was born. Oh, I’m a lovely virginal creature who wouldn’t think of being spoiled.

Deanie steps out of the tub and moves to her Mother.

Deanie. Stop that. Stop….

(Shouting at her mother)
I’ve been a good little girl, good little girl. A good little, good little girl. I’ve always done everything Daddy and Mama told me. I’ve obeyed every word. I hate you…I hate you. I hate you….



Splendor in the Grass (2)

William Inge


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