Walter wakes up with a start and a cry on his lips. Chris stirs, driving between sleeping and waking. Walker looks at his watch, listens for any sounds downstairs, then gets quickly out of bed.

CHRIS (sleepily)
Don’t go, Walker.

Walker is rapidly dressing. There is a great tenderness between them.

WALKER (ironically)
You know.

CHRIS (smiles)
I know.

I’ve been this route before.

CHRIS (grimly)
Not only you.

Reese, too.

CHRIS (quietly)
Maybe you just broke the pattern.

She lies languidly in the bed. He stands over her.

You think so? Doesn’t this remind you of anything?

He picks up his gun format he bedside and puts it in his pocket. It is a replica of their first meeting in Chris’s house.

CHRIS (smiles)
You’re right. This is how you found me – in bed.

She watches his every movement as he dresses.

CHRIS (softly)
Is it full circle?

I can only see around the next curve.

It is a declaration of love.

That’s more than most people can see.



Point Blank!!! (5)

Alexander Jacobs


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