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Rizzoli New York is the leader in design, fashion, art, architecture, photography and pop culture publishing. The publishing house was founded in 1929 by Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli and began its New York publishing operation in 1974. Since then it has become the primary source for specialized art books in America and a fundamental fixture in the publishing world of New York City. For our collaboration with Rizzoli, DREAM THE END has curated a selection of titles under the categories: New York, Design, Fashion and Art. We hand selected only our favorite Rizzoli titles from their epically large and diverse catalogue of books—choosing those that we find unique, stimulating and artistic.

 small_Madeleine-Vionnet-Watercolor-L-Orage-dress-of-Madelein-Vionnet-drawing-by-Thayaht-La-Gazette-du-Bon-Ton-no.2-plate-10-1923 small_Rick-Owens-Katya-Metropalais-2008 small_Knoll-Platner-Collection-1966

Dream The End picks the best of Rizzoli

small_Def-Jam-Gene-Bagnato-Larry-Smith-left-with-Run-DMC-New-York-1985smaller and cropped_Rita-Ackermann-Untitled-King-Ubu-series-IV-1996.-Photo-by-Oren-Slor

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