Alejandro Amenábar - Wakey Wakey
L.A.S.E.R. Tag
Spinning Top 4, 2012
Herbert Matter Advertisement for Knoll (1950s)
Mezzanine view of a 1970s vintage modern beach house, Image by Grey Crawford
Dion - Sanctuary
Completed Blind Self Portraits
Source for 'Where The Water Goes' (1989)
Uno Copia
Crazy In Love
Twilight, (2011)
Poppies (1891)
Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun - How the Shadow is Clear
Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination
Roden Crater, Sun and Moon Space
Jeanne-Claude on meeting Christo
Poor Boy
Tatyana Samojlova as "Veronica" in THE CRANES ARE FLYING
Georg Friedrich Händel - Sarabande End Title
Excerpt from “Miss Lonelyhearts & The Day of the Locust”
Fiber Tractography
Ngozi Family - Hold On
Ted Berrigan - Sonnet 4
Untitled, 2006
I Kiss You (2010)
They Will Come and They Will Go
Age of Innocence
Elevenplay Dance Performance for SonarSound Tokyo Festival
Blue Nude No. 12 (2000)
Neko's Nebula
Mark Strand - Harmony in the Boudoir, Exclusively Recorded for Dream The End
Untitled (2011)
The Yardbirds - Stroll On
A Man with a Cat (1943)
Cloud Box (1966)
An Exercise In Poor Taste Or Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha Cha Heels

Les Amours de la Pieuvre / The Love Life of the Octopus (1967)
Meditation Series (1) (1993)
Angie Dickinson as "Chris" in POINT BLANK
Waves (2010)
Tokonoma Series, Outgrow
Stapled Flesh, 1949
Laos: Lam Saravane - Nam Phat Khay (Dans Le Courant Du Mékong / In The Current Of The Mekong)
Jerry (1931)
Camels and Desert, Le LV en pierres, Ceuvre Louis Vuitton, Pushkar, Rajasthan by Jean Lariviere 1988. Louis Vuitton collection