Guest Editor Price Latimer Agah

Price Latimer Agah is an art dealer and consultant based in Los Angeles. Her focus is on emerging, contemporary and post-war art and she serves as VP of The Board of Trustees for the Santa Monica Museum of Art. For this edition, Price explores the work of disparate young artists from present and past times in counter culture who inspire and push the boundaries of our judgements and pretenses.

Featuring Adam Harteau on the cover.

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Adam Harteau

Adam Harteau was born in Los Angeles, California in 1977. During his formative years, he lived and travelled with his family along the Western coast of the United States in a salvaged schoolbus that his father had reconfigured. The family later built and settled in a cabin near the treeline of the Angeles National Forest, where Adam lived off the grid without electricity until age 15. At 18, he moved to Los Angeles to attend Otis College of Art and Design, where he received a scholarship for fine art painting. He has remained in Los Angeles since then, balancing his diverse and eclectic artistic endeavors with grand explorations of the world. His travels throughout Southern Africa, Central America, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Polynesia and a 13,000-mile road trip around North America in his Volkswagen Westfalia have all brought great inspiration to his life and work.

Courtesy of the artist.

Adam Harteau is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Adam Marnie

Adam Marnie was born in Minneapolis in 1977. His work has been exhibited at Untitled, James Fuentes LLC, Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York, and Night Gallery in Los Angeles. His first solo show Locus Rubric opened at Derek Eller Gallery this past September. He lives and works in New York.

Courtesy of the artist.

Adam Marnie is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Allison Schulnik

Allison Schulnik received her degree in experimental animation from CalArts. Her films, paintings, and sculptures have been exhibited widely, including recent shows at the St. Louis Contemporary Museum, Garage Center In Moscow, Nerman Museum in Kansas, and Hammer Museum Flux Screenings in Los Angeles. In 2013, she will have a solo exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna, California. She now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Courtesy of the artist and ZieherSmith.

Allison Schulnik is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Andrew Kuo

Andrew Kuo was born in 1977 in Queens, NY. He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1999.  His work is being shown in upcoming exhibitions at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona and Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow. Notable past exhibitions include Mass MOCA in Massachusettes, Artists Space in New York and Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis, MN. A comprehensive catalogue of the artist's work was published by Standard/Damiani in 2010.  His work was included in the exhibition catalog for Talk To Me, which opened in 2011 at MoMA. Kuo’s obsessive charts analyzing musical events have been featured in the New York Times. His diagrams represent his own sets of quirky data in various arrangements of color and pattern. He lives and works in New York City.

Courtesy of Taxter and Spegemann.

Andrew Kuo is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Andy Hope 1930

Andy Hope 1930 was born Andreas Hofer in Germany. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, and at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London from 1991 to 1997. He has shown at the Gagosian Gallery in Berlin, Museum der Moderne in Salzburg, Austria, Metro Pictures in New York, Galerie Christine Mayer in Munich Germany, and the Charles Riva Collection in Brussels, Belgium. He is represented by Hauser and Wirth and lives in Berlin.

Courtesy of Hauser & Wirth.

Andy Hope 1930 is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Billy Childish

Billy Childish was born in Chatham, Kent, U.K. in 1959. After leaving secondary school at age 16, he worked at the Naval Dockyard in Chatham as an apprentice stonemason. Initially denied an interview to the local art school, he produced hundreds of drawings that gained him entry to St. Martin's School of Art. Childish's defiance of authority led to his eventual expulsion from art school in 1981. Childish then embarked on an artistic odyssey exploring a broad range of worldly themes including war, history, social protest, as well his own experiences of alcoholism, and the abuse he suffered as a child. Over 35 years, Childish has gained a cult status worldwide; writing and publishing over 40 volumes of confessional poetry, 5 novels, recorded over 100 LPs, and painted hundreds of paintings.

Courtesy of Lehmann Maupin Gallery.

Billy Childish is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Chloe Sells

Chloe Sells was born in Aspen, Colorado and began photographing in 1993. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design, from which she graduated in 2000 and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography.  She received her Masters in Fine Art from Central St. Martins in September 2011. Over the last 12 years she has lived and photographed on three continents: Asia, North America and Africa, which have been integral to her artwork. She was personal assistant to Hunter S. Thompson for two years preceding his death. She currently lives between London and Maun, Botswana.

Courtesy of the artist.

Chloe Sells is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Claude Cahun

Claude Cahun (born Lucy Schwob) was born in Nantes, France, in 1894. After studying at Oxford and at the Sorbonne, Cahun moved to Paris where she published essays and short stories in various magazines. From 1914 on, she focused her work on self-portraits in various masks, costumes and make-ups. Throughout her lifetime she fostered confusion about her identity; her pseudonym, Claude, which in French can be applied both to men and women, was symbolic of the provisional nature of her sexual identity. In 1930, Paris publishers Carrefour published her autobiographical work "Aveux non avenus" with photomontages by her and Suzanne Malherbe, alias Marcel Moore. In 1937, she and Suzanne Malherbe became active in the French Resistance and distributed pamphlets, posters and manifestos. In 1944, they were arrested by the Gestapo and sentenced to death. In 1945, they were pardoned but remained in prison until liberation in May 1945. She passed away in 1954.

Courtesy of Jersey Heritage Collection.

Claude Cahun is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Dan Colen

Dan Colen was born in New Jersey in 1979. He graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 2001. He has exhibited in the 2006 Whitney Biennial, New York, The Royal Academy in London, MoMA PS1 Contemporary Art Center in New York, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, The New Museum in New York, and Astrup Fearnley in Oslo. Colen currently lives and works in New York City.

Courtesy of the Gagosian Gallery.

Dan Colen is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah and Edition: Dream The End x Tumblr

Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1942. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 1963. He has created many books in his career, including “The Destruction of Lower Manhattan” showing photographs of soon to be demolished streets and buildings in 1967, “Conversations with the Dead,” showing the insides of Texas prisons, and “The Bikeriders” showing a study of outlaw motorcyclists in the American Midwest from 1963-1967. Danny received the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship for photography in 1969 and in film making in 1979. He has had solo exhibits at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona. He founded the photography group Bleak Beauty.

Images first appeared in "The Bikeriders", published by First Chronicle Books LLC in 2003.

Danny Lyon is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Dawn Mellor

Dawn Mellor was born in Manchester, U.K. in 1970. She completed her undergraduate degree at Central St. Martin’s in 1992 and her Masters’ at the Royal College of Art in 1996. She has shown at Team Gallery in New York, Studio Voltaire in London, Galerie Gabriel Rolt in Amsterdam, White Columns in New York, PS1 in New York, and Spacex in Exeter, UK. She currently lives and works in London.

Courtesy of Team Gallery.

Dawn Mellor is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Donald Cammell & Nicolas Roeg

Donald Cammell was born in 1934 in Scotland. Influential titles he directed include “Performance (1970), “Demon Seed (1977)”, and “White of the Eye”. He passed away in 1996. Nicolas Foeg was born in London in 1928. He also directed “Walkabout (1971)”, “Don’t Look Now (1973)”, and “The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)”. Together they directed “Performance”, a British crime drama film. It was produced in 1968 and released in 1970 and stars James Fox and Mick Jagger on The Rolling Stones.

Donald Cammell & Nicolas Roeg are featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker was born in 1976 in Torrance, CA. He studied journalism at the University of Southern California before earning his BFA at the California Institute of the Arts in 2000. During his second year at CalArts he worked on the storyboard for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. After he graduated he drew and directed Seinimation, a series of short animated bonus features on DVDs of Seinfeld’s last four seasons. He has had solo exhibitions at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles, CA, Galerie Jeanroch Dard in Paris, and Ambach & Rice in Seattle, WA. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the artist and Ambach & Rice.

Eric Yahnker is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Francesca Gabbiani

Francesca Gabbiani was born in 1965 in Montreal, Canada. She graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Geneva in 1992. She studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam from 1993 to 1994 and received her MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1997. Gabbiani’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) in Geneva, Patrick Painter in Santa Monica, California, Lora Reynolds Gallery in Austin, Texas, Monica de Cardenas in Zuoz, Switzerland, and Sara Meltzer Gallery in New York. Gabbiani currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the artist and Lora Reynolds Gallery.

Francesca Gabbiani is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah


Grinderman is a rock band formed by Nick Cave (vocals, electric guitar, organ, piano), Warren Ellis (electric tenor guitar, Mandocaster, violin, viola, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Martyn P. Casey (bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and Jim Sclavunos (drums, percussion, backing vocals) in London, United Kingdom in 2006. All members are also active musicians in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and the band, originally known as Mini Seeds, was formed as "a way to escape the weight of The Bad Seeds." The band's name is inspired by a Memphis Slim song, "Grinder Man Blues", which Cave is noted to have started singing during one of the band's early rehearsal sessions. Their eponymous debut album, Grinderman, was released in 2007 and the band's second studio album, Grinderman 2, was released in 2010.

Grinderman is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Heather Cassils

Heather Cassils is a Canadian artist, body builder and personal trainer who uses an exaggerated physique to intervene and interrogate systems of power and control. From dabbling in stunts to a stint as a semi-professional boxer, Cassils’s path has led from the blaze of a full body burn to brushing lips with pop stars. Cassils has exhibited at White Chapel in London, Manifesta, Schnitt Ausstellungsraum, Edith Ruß Site for Media Art in Germany, MUCA Roma and at the International Festival, Art in General and Center for Performance Research in NYC, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Cassils’s films have shown at Outfest in Los Angeles and LGBT film festival in Paris, France among other festivals. In 2010 Cassils received the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art as well as receiving numerous prestigious grants from The Canada Council of the Arts.

Courtesy of the artist.

Heather Cassils is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende was born in 1942 in Peru. She has written 19 books, received 12 international honorary doctorates, won 50 awards in more than 15 countries, and sold more than 57 million books. She created The Isabel Allende Foundation to empower women and girls worldwide in 1992. Some of her most famous novels include “The House of the Spirits” and “City of Beasts”. She was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2004 and received Chile’s National Literature Prize in 2010. She now lives in California with her husband.

Words first appeared in "The House of the Spirits (La casa de los espíritus)" published in 1985 by Knopf. Translated by Magda Bogin.

Isabel Allende is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Isak Dinesen

Isak Dinesen, AKA Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke, was born in Denmark in 1962. She moved to Kenya in 1914 with her husband to establish a coffe plantation. She is best known for “Out Of Africa”, an account of her life in Kenya, and “Babette’s Feast”, about a chef who spends her entire 10,000 franc lottery prize to prepare a spectacular gourmet meal. Both of these titles were adapted into highly acclaimed, Academy Award winning motion pictures. She passed away in 1962.

Excerpt from "Out of Africa", first published in 1937.

Isak Dinesen is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook was born in Luton, UK, in 1966. He studied graphic design at Saint Martin’s School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. He founded his graphic design studio in 1990 and Virus Foundry in 1997. Barnbrook is perhaps best known for his provocatively named fonts, such as Mason (originally released as Manson), Exocet, Bastard, Prozac, Nixon and Drone.

Courtesy of the artist.

Jonathan Barnbrook is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Leni Riefenstahl

Helene Bertha Amalie “Leni” Riefenstahl was born in 1902 in Berlin. Adolf Hitler put her in charge of filming the 1934 Nazi rally at Nuremberg, as well as the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The two films, "Triumph of the Will" (1935) and "Olympia" (1938) are landmark documentaries, and Riefenstahl is considered one of the great innovators in moving pictures, though she arguably remains one of the most controversial filmmakers in history. She is the sole woman director on a Time magazine list of the all-time 100 best films. In the 1960's Riefenstahl began voyaging frequently to the African continent, creating her world famous Africa oeuvre of various film and photography projects over the last half century. At the age of 72 she began scuba diving; her 2002 film "Impressions Under Water" was compiled from footage she took while diving. She lived to be 101, dying in 2003.

Courtesy of Leni Riefenstahl Produktion.

Leni Riefenstahl is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Link Wray

Fred Lincoln "Link" Wray, Jr., born in 1929 was an American rock guitarist, songwriter and occasional singer. Wray was noted for pioneering a new sound for electric guitars, as exemplified in his hit 1958 instrumental "Rumble", by Link Wray and his Ray Men, which pioneered an overdriven, distorted electric guitar sound. He also is attributed to inventing the power chord, the major modus operandi of the modern rock guitarist, and in doing so fathering, or making possible, punk and heavy rock. He passed away in 2005.


Link Wray is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah and The Music Edition, Guest Editor, Jonathan Galkin / DFA

Mark Hagen

Mark Hagen was born in 1972 in Black Swamp, VA and received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2002. A selection of recent exhibitions include work at the Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, the Bortalami Gallery in New York, Portugal Arte 10 in Lisbon, and the California Biennial at the Orange County Musuem of Art in Newport Beach. Mark Hagen lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of China Art Objects.

Mark Hagen is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko was one of the foremost members of the Abstract Expressionist movements. He was born Mark Rothkowitz in 1903 in Russia; his family emigrated to Portland, Oregon in 1913.  He studied at Yale from 1921-1923 and moved to New York in 1925. Rothko's first solo show was at the Contemporary Arts Gallery in 1933. The Rothko Chapel, founded by Houston philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil, is a tranquil meditative environment inspired by the mural canvases of Rothko and celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2011.

Mark Rothko: The Decisive Decade: 1940-1950 was published by Rizzoli New York in September 2012. It is the first publication dedicated exclusively to this formative period in Rothko oeuvre. During which, he moved from expressive figurative and surrealist canvases to more abstract multiform subjects and finally to his signature style of luminous rectangles. It features contributions from various scholars and a forward by Rothko's son.

Photos courtesy of Hickey-Robertson.

Mark Rothko is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah and Edition: Rizzoli: Art

Mecca Vazie Andrews

Mecca Andrews is a dancer/choreographer born in Pico Rivera, CA, and the descendant of Trinidadian immigrants from England. In 2006, she founded The MOVEMENT Movement, a performance art theatre group. Her film and stage credits include Lady Gaga, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Director for The Standard Hotel LA event The Series, LA Contemporary Dance Company, Bess, Toro y Moi, and the MTV Movie Awards. Mecca also choreographed singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell's video Dis Moi and completed a collaboration with artist/director Ryan Trecartin for his film I Be Area, in which she also performs. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the artist.

Mecca Vazie Andrews is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Michael Clark

Michael Clark was born in Scotland in 1962. He trained at the Royal Ballet School in London from 1975 until 1979. In 1984, he launched Michael Clark and Company. During this time Clark collaborated with fashion designers Bodymap, artists Leigh Bowery and Trojan, as well as The Fall, Laibach, and Wire. Clark’s commissions for major dance companies include The Paris Opera, Scottish Ballet, London Festival Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Phoenix Dance Company and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Clark has produced considerable work for film and video, including Hail the New Puritan (1984) and Because We Must (1989) with Charles Atlas. In 2010, Michael Clark Company spent the summer in-residence at Tate Modern, London in preparation for the most recent work: a new, large-scale performance commission for the Turbine Hall. The production premiered in June 2011.

Michael Clark is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Mimi Lauter

Mimi Lauter was born in San Francisco in 1982. She received her BA at University of California, Los Angeles and her MFA from University of California, Irvine. She has exhibited at the Riverside Museum, Hayworth Gallery in Los Angeles, Cirrus Gallery in Los Angeles, and The Green Gallery in Milwaukee. She has been the recipient of the Medici Scholarship Award (2008), The Hans G. and Thordis W. Burkhard Foundation award (2005) and the Elain Krown Klein Scholarship Award (2004). She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the artist and Marc Selwyn Fine Art.

Mimi Lauter is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Molly Schiot

Molly Schiot was born in New Hampshire and studied at the Glasgow School of Art and Brown University. Since then, Schiot has gone on to direct commercials and films, completely selling out her first art show, and making The Advocates “40 under 40” and Out Magazine’s “30 under 30” list in 2010. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the artist.

Molly Schiot is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Pippi Zornoza

Pippi Zornoza is an artist, musician, performer and co-founder of the Dirt Palace in Providence, Rhode Island. Her printmaking work has been exhibited in the United States as well as Japan, Argentina, Columbia and Sweden, and was published in the art-poster anthology, The Art of Modern RockPippi is known for her frightening performance style, which manifests the undernourished expression of female power. In March 2008 a MOMA sponsored show at P.S.1 featured Zornoza's work alongside then-current Dirt Palace artists. In 2004 she formed the musical performance project Bonedust, with musician/composer Chrissy Wolpert. Bonedust toured the US in 2006 and is featured in the Corleone Records 10 year anniversary DVD "Everything I own is Either Broken or Bent". Formed out of a mutual period of desperation, VVLTVRE, a collaboration with Annapurna Himal Wagner, began performing in 2007. Pippi is also the star in the cult movie classic, Die You Zombie Bastards, directed by Caleb Emerson.

Courtesy of the artist.

Pippi Zornoza is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Rashid Johnson

Rashid Johnson was born in Chicago in 1977.  His work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Arts Foundation in Miami, The Whitney Museum in New York, Carlson/Massimo De Carlo in London, Salon 94 in New York, David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Johnson's work is part of the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Brooklyn Art Museum, among other public and private institutions.  In April 2012, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, will present Johnson's first major museum solo exhibition. He lives and works in New York.

Courtesy of Hauser and Wirth.

Rashid Johnson is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Richard Pryor

Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor, born in 1940, was an American stand-up comedian, actor, social critic, writer and MC. Pryor was known for uncompromising examinations of racism and topical contemporary issues, which employed colorful vulgarities, and profanity, as well as racial epithets. He is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential stand-up comedians of all time. Jerry Seinfeld called Pryor "The Picasso of our profession"; Bob Newhart has called Pryor "the seminal comedian of the last 50 years." This legacy can be attributed, in part, to the unusual degree of intimacy Pryor brought to bear on his comedy. As Bill Cosby reportedly once said, "Richard Pryor drew the line between comedy and tragedy as thin as one could possibly paint it." He passed away in 2005.

Richard Pryor is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Rosha Yaghmai

Rosha Yaghmai was born in Los Angeles. She was educated at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California (MFA 2007, BFA 2001). Solo exhibitions include Thomas Solomon Gallery in Los Angeles, and TAT in Berlin, both 2011. Recent group exhibitions have included Terra Foundation for American Art in Giverny, France, the Luckman Gallery in Los Angeles, Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, and Estacion Tijuana.  A 2009 recipient of a Terra Foundation for American Art Europe summer residency fellowship, Yaghmai lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the Thomas Solomon Gallery.

Rosha Yaghmai is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Samantha Thomas

Samantha Thomas was born in 1980 in McAllen, TX.  She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in 2004. She has had solo exhibitions at Thom Andriola / New Gallery in Houston, TX, Mike Weiss Gallery in New York, NY, and Patricia Faure Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, Alexys Schwartz Projects in Los Angeles, CA, Galerie Dominique Fiat in Paris, France and the Luckman Fine Arts complex in Los Angeles, CA. Samantha Thomas lives and works in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the artist.

Samantha Thomas is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Santiago Ortiz Mexia

Santiago Ortiz Mexia was born in Medellín, Colombia in 1972. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. He lives and works in Venice, CA, where he is principal of Ortiz Mexia Projects and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Santiago Ortiz Mexia is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Simmons and Burke

Simmons & Burke pull sound and image from the Internet to create their dense, layered works. The collaborative team has combined over 15,000 found images to form a single piece. Similarly, their audio works feature endless loops of merged sounds, samples, and voices. The results are hypersaturated pieces with multiple narratives—not unlike Hieronymus Bosch paintings reconceived for our time. Case Simmons and Andrew Burke began their collaboration in 2006 with their Temple series. Case Simmons studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and Andrew Burke received his MM from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Their work is held in La Colección Jumex in Mexico City, and in the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Courtesy of the artists and Michael Kohn Gallery.

Simmons & Burke are featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

The Clash

The Clash were an English punk rock band that formed in 1976 as part of the original wave of British punk. For most of their recording career, the Clash consisted of Joe Strummer (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mick Jones (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Simonon (bass guitar, vocals) and Nicky "Topper" Headon (drums, percussion). Headon left the group in 1982, and internal friction led to Jones's departure the following year. The group continued with new members, but finally disbanded in early 1986. Their debut album “The Clash” was released in 1977 and their third album “London Calling”, released in December 1979, was later declared the best album of the 1980’s by Rolling Stone Magazine. They became widely referred to as "The Only Band That Matters", originally a promotional slogan introduced by the group's record label, CBS. In January 2003, the band—including original drummer Terry Chimes—were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Purchase "One More Dub"

Purchase "Straight to Hell"

The Clash is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

The Fall

The Fall is from England and formed in 1978. Its only constant member is founder Mark E. Smith. Since its founding, The Fall has released 29 studio albums and many more live albums and other releases. Their latest release “Ersatz G.B.” is available now from Cherry Red Records.


The Fall is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

The Upsetters

The Upsetters was the name given to the house band for Jamaican reggae producer Lee “Scratch” Perry. He was influential in the development and acceptance of reggae and dub music in Jamaica and overseas.


The Upsetters is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Valie Export

Valie Export was born in Austria in 1940. She received a degree in textile design from the Technical School for Textile Industry in Vienna in 1964. Export has had a 2004 retrospective at MAMCO - Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain in Geneva, Switzerland, and exhibited at Museum of Modern Art Ludwig in Vienna, Akademie der Kunste in Berlin, the Whitechapel Gallery in London, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Käthe Kollwitz Museum in Germany, Performa 9 in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. She has also participated in several international film festivals, including the London, Berlin, Cannes and Hong Kong film festivals. She has taught at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. Currently she is a professor at the Kunsthochschule für Median in Cologne, Germany. She lives in Vienna, Austria and Cologne, Germany.

Courtesy of the artist.

Valie Export is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Wes Lang

Wes Lang was born in 1972 in Chatham, New Jersey. His work has been shown at ZieherSmith, Alexander and Bonin, and Andrea Rosen Gallery all in New York, The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Dealim Museum in Seoul, Peres Projects in Berlin, and V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. He was named one of 2009’s top fifteen young artists by Interview Magazine. A 2010 publication featuring the work of Lang and Donald Baechler, entitled Skulls and Shit, is available from Ajax Press. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Courtesy of the artist, V1 Gallery, and ZieherSmith.

Wes Lang is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah and in Edition: Festivus

White Whores

... are coming to get you!

White Whores is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

Whitney Bedford

Whitney Bedford received her MFA at the University of California Los Angeles in 2003. She was the winner of the 2001 UCLA Hammer Museum Drawing Biennial and received a Fulbright Graduate Fellowship from the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin, Germany. She has exhibited at the Galerie Lelong in New York, the Jewish Museum in New York, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, The Saatchi Gallery in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, and Cherrydelosreyes Gallery in Los Angeles. She currently has a solo exhibition at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects until December 21, 2011.

Courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter LA Projects.

Whitney Bedford is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah