Inspired by Carnivale, Mardi Gras, and all the festivities that bring on Spring, this edition is full of color, culture and celebration. Filled with masks, costumes, beads and glitter, this is a fun and festive look into our most colorful edition yet.

Featuring Cover Artwork from Jeneleen Floyd


Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson, born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1975, is a visual artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Pratt Institute and graduated with an MFA from Hunter College in 2005. Johnson's work can soon be seen at Gallery Poulson in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Aaron Johnson is featured in Edition: Festivus

Adrian Ghenie

Adrian Ghenie was born in Romania in 1977. A number of museums have already dedicated retrospective exhibitions to him throughout England, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the United States. Past exhibitions include a show at the National Museum for Contemporary Art in Bucharest in 2009 and the 2010 exhibition by the S.M.A.K. in Ghent. He currently works and resides in Cluj and Berlin.


Adrian Ghenie is featured in Edition: Festivus

Ai Weiwei

Born in 1957, Ai Weiei is a contemporary artist and political activist from Beijing, China. Weiwei lived and studied in the United States at Parsons School of Design and the Art Students League of New York from 1981 to 1993. He then returned to China and helped establish "Beijing East Village", a community of experimental artists, and published a series of books concerning their work. He is the Artistic Director of China Art Archives & Warehouse (CAAW) and founder of the architecture studio FAKE Design. As a controversial political artist, he was named one of the Power 100 by ArtReview Magazine and was a runner-up for Time Magazine's Person of the Year award in 2011.



Ai Weiwei is featured in Edition: Festivus

Alfonso Ossorio

Alfonso A. Ossorio, born in 1916, was an abstract expressionist artist from Manila, Philippines. He moved to the United States at the age of 14 and studied fine art at Harvard University and RISD from 1934 to 1938. He was represented in The Art of Assemblage, The Museum of Modern Art's 1961 exhibition. He passed away in 1990. The Harvard Art Museum (Massachusetts), the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the Housatonic Museum of Art (Bridgeport, Connecticut) and the Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington D.C.) are among the public collections holding his work.


Alfonso Ossorio is featured in Edition: Festivus

Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg was an influential poet of the Beat Generation, born in New Jersey in 1926. He is most famously recognized for his epic poem "Howl". Ginsberg was very outspoken in his opposition of capitalism and conformity and his progressivism. His social activism and works were largely influenced by his psychologically ill mother, Naomi Ginsberg. He continued to write poetry throughout his life and taught poetry at Brooklyn College from 1986 until his death in 1997.


Allen Ginsberg is featured in Edition: Festivus

Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton was born in Barbados in 1959. He attended California Institute for the Arts and participated in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. In 1986, he was featured in a four person show at the Sonnabend Gallery in New York alongside Jeff Koons, Peter Halley and Meyer Vaisman, (known as the "Fantastic Four") which launched the careers of the young artists. His works are held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate, the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, the Stedelijk Museum, Berardo Collection Museum in Lisbon, Portugal, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He currently resides in Bali.


Ashley Bickerton is featured in Edition: Festivus

Basco Vazko

llustrator and graffiti artist Basco Vazko was born in Santiago, Chile.  His work has been exhibited at Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain Paris, France.  Vazko was also featured in Juxtapoz Magazine's August 2010 issue.  He continues to work out of Chile.


Basco Vazko is featured in Edition: Festivus

Bernard Villers

Bernard Villers was born in 1939 in Brussels, Belgium, and is a painter and author. His art books include "Cahiers Japonais" (1992), "Correspondance" (1992), "Geometrie variable" (1990), and "La nuit tombe" (1978), among others. He currently lives and works in Brussels.

Excerpt from Gagarin, Seventh Edition (www.gagarin.be).

Bernard Villers is featured in Edition: Festivus

Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht was born in Augsburg, Germany in 1898. He was a poet, playwright, and theatre director most well known for "The Threepenny Opera", "Life of Galileo", "Mother Courage and Her Children", "The Good Person of Szechwan", "The Caucasian Chalk Circle", and "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui". He passed away in 1956 in East Germany.

Bertolt Brecht is featured in Edition: Festivus

Boris Vian

Boris Vian was a French writer and musician, among many other professions including acting and engineering. He was born in Ville-d'Avray, France in 1920 and attended Lycée Hoche in Versailles from 1932 to 1937. He subsequently attended Lycée Condorcet in Paris and studied special mathematics until 1939. He is best known for his innovative writing style and surrealistic fiction. L'Écume des Jours (Froth on the Daydream) is one of his most famous works published under his name. Another best seller, titled J'irai cracher sur vos tombs (I Spit on Your Graves) was published under a pseudonym, Vernon Sullivan, in response to the commercial failure of his previous works. He died in 1959 but is still remembered as a great polymath today.


Boris Vian is featured in Edition: Festivus

Daniel Gordon

Daniel Gordon is an American artist born in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is best known for his work which combines collage and photography.  He has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions, most notably at Zaach Feuer Gallery, Projekte in New York, and MoMA PS1. His work was recently featured in Blind Spot Magazine's 44th Issue.  He currently works and resides in New York.




Daniel Gordon is featured in Edition: Festivus

Eiko Ishioka

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1938, Eiko Ishioka was an Oscar winning costume designer known for her work in major films such as The Cell, The Fall, Immortals, and Bram Stoker's Dracula.  She attended the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.  In 1985 she received an award at the Cannes Film Festival for her artistic contributions in Paul Schrader's Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters. Ishioka then went on to win a Grammy Award in 1987 for the Miles Davis' album artwork and two Tony Award nominations for her costume design in the Broadway play M. Butterfly.  In 2002, she art directed Björk's music video "Cocoon" before passing away in 2012.


Eiko Ishioka is featured in Edition: Festivus

Eugene Berman

Eugene Berman was a painter born in Russian in 1899. He trained largely in Paris, France where he was greatly influenced by the works of Pierre Bonnard. Drawn to the United States by legendary art dealer Julien Levy, he exhibited alongside Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and Howard Warshaw. While living in Los Angeles, Berman was inspired by Hollywood and the collector Wright Ludington. His work has been featured in many significant museums worldwide and has been shown in solo exhibitions such as "High Drama: Eugene Berman and the Legacy of the Melancholic Sublime". In 1957, Berman retired to Rome after the death of his wife, actress Ona Munson. He passed away in 1972.


Eugene Berman is featured in Edition: Festivus

George Condo

George Condo is an American artist born in 1957 in Concord, New Hampshire. Condo uses various techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and printmaking to create his work. He rose to prominence in the early 1980s New York East Village art scene, and classified his work as "Artificial Realism". He studied Art History and Music Theory at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. In 2011, The New Museum held a retrospective of Condo's work titled "Mental States". He currently works and resides in New York.


George Condo is featured in Edition: Festivus

Jeneleen Floyd

Jeneleen Floyd was born in 1978 in rural Missouri. She received a scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art for Painting and Fine Arts. After leaving her studies she traveled to Europe briefly living in Italy before settling in Los Angeles. Jeneleen then moved to London where she started working on the "Some Remote Sea" project, a format where she could explore the surrealist aspects of her work. Heavily influenced by the "Automatism" techniques of Andre Breton and William S. Burroughs, Floyd applies the same concepts to her collage and animation work. Never working with a specific image in mind, Floyd cuts hundreds of pieces of paper allowing the materials and the subconscious to create a narrative. Often the images that manifest from beyond speak of mythology, mysticism and sexuality. She currently resides in Los Angeles, completing a body of work for her first solo show.


Jeneleen Floyd is featured in Edition: Festivus

Joanie Mackowski

Joanie Mackowski is a contemporary poet known for her use of eerie language and imagery to describe living creatures and the self. She received a BA from Wesleyan University, her PhD from University of Missouri and has two published works, View from a Temporary Window (2010) and The Zoo (2002). She has won numerous awards including the Emily Dickinson Writers Digest Award in 2009  and the Kate Tufts Discovery Award in 2003. She currently resides in upstate New York.


Joanie Mackowski is featured in Edition: Festivus

John Baldessari

John Baldessari is an American artist born in National City, California in 1931. Baldessari received his B.A. from San Diego State College in 1953 and subsequently his M.A. in 1957 from the same college. Most of Baldessari's work mixes found photography and images, with varying inclusions of texts and other mediums. To date, Baldessari's work has been shown in over 200 exhibitions across the U.S. and Europe, notably the Tate Modern in London, England, the Whitney Museum in New York, and MOMA in New York.  His work has influenced many other artists including Cindy Sherman, David Salle, and Barbara Kruger. He has taught at UCLA and California Institute of the Arts. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Excerpt from Gagarin,  Seventh Edition (www.gagarin.be).


John Baldessari is featured in Edition: Festivus and Edition: Guest Editor, Stephan Breuer

John O'Connor

John J. O'Connor was born in Westfield, MA, and received an MFA and MS in Art History from Pratt Institute, in 2000.  He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, was a recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant in Painting, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant.  He currently teaches drawing and painting at Sarah Lawrence College.  In 2011, Mr. O’Connor had a solo exhibition at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn.  He has held solo exhibitions at Martin Asbaek Projects, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Fleisher Ollman Gallery, in Philadelphia.  Mr. O’Connor’s work is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Weatherspoon Museum, Southern Methodist University, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.  He currently has a studio at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation.


John O'Connor is featured in Edition: Festivus

Keiichi Tanaami

Born in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan, Keiichi Tanaami is an influential pop artist of postwar Japan. Tanaami took a keen interest in drawing at a very young age and often spent time in cartoonist Kazushi Hara's studio. He studied at Musashino Art University, earning a Special Selection recognition with a major design and illustration group. Since the mid 1960s, he became increasingly interested in psychedelic culture, Acid Music, and Pop Art, in particular Andy Warhol's work. In 1968, his award-winning antiwar poster "No More War" and his album artwork for the Monkees and Jefferson Airplane became a major impetus for the movement of psychedelic and pop art in Japan. In 1975, he became the first Art Director of Playboy (Japanese Edition), and in 1991 he started to teach at Kyoto University of Art and Design, where he is currently a chairperson of a Faculty of Information Design.


Keiichi Tanaami is featured in Edition: Festivus and Sanbusaku 2 三部作

Kevin Frayer

Kevin Frayer, a Canadian photojournalist born in 1973, is known for his wartime photographs in the Gaza Strip, Iraq and Afghanistan. He started his career working for the Canadian Press and his recent work is distributed by the Associated Press, where he is the Chief Photographer for South Asia. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in new photography for reporting the war in Lebanon. In 2009 he won a prize from the World Press Photo Awards for his work capturing Palestinian protestors caught in a tear gas assault.


Kevin Frayer is featured in Edition: Festivus

Lauren DiCioccio

Lauren DiCioccio is an artist currently residing in San Francisco. She attended Colgate University and graduated in 2002. She has exhibited at numerous galleries including: Jack Fischer Gallery, Intersection for the Arts, The San Jose ICA, the Lab, and the SFMOMA Artists Gallery.

She is currently represented by Jack Fischer Gallery.



Lauren DiCioccio is featured in Edition: Festivus

Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller was a revolutionary modern dancer born in Chicago in 1862. Her tour in Europe in the 1890s received such enthusiasm that Fuller remained in France to continue her work. Best known for the 1896 film, Serpentine Dance, Fuller skyrocketed into fame, embodying the Art Nouveau movement. Her stage lighting methods were experimental and innovative, using colorful transformations throughout her performances. Despite her passing in 1928, Fuller continues to be a strong influence on contemporary choreographers today.

Loie Fuller is featured in Edition: Festivus

Lou Beach

Lou Beach is an award-winning illustrator and artist raised in Rochester, New York. He is well respected for his album cover art and magazine work. He currently works and resides in California with his wife and children.


Lou Beach is featured in Edition: Festivus

Lucas Blalock

Lucas Blalock was born in 1978 in Asheville, North Carolina. He received a BA in Photography from Bard College. He has exhibited at Ramiken, Griffin Editions, Branch Gallery, and Woods Gallery at Bard College. Blalock is currently an MFA candidate at UCLA in Los Angeles.


Lucas Blalock is featured in Edition: Festivus

Lucas Simões

Lucas Simões is a collage artist born in Catanduva, Brazil in 1980. He works and resides in São Paulo, Brazil.


Lucas Simões is featured in Edition: Festivus

Majid Saeedi

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1974, Majid Saeedi is a photographer for Time Magazine in Afghanistan, founder of Fars News Agency where he directed the Photography Department in 2004, and photographer for Getty Images in the Middle East. He has been selected as Best Photographer of the Year in Iran seven times and won the UNICEF Photography Prize in 2010.


Majid Saeedi is featured in Edition: Festivus

Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter is an American artist born in 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Living and working in New York City, Minter has had numerous solo exhibitions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2005; the Center for Contemporary Art, Cincinnati; Les Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2007; France, OH in 2009; La Conservera; Centro de Arte Contemporáneo; Ceutí/Murcia, Spain in 2009; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH in 2010 and the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Germany in 2011. She attended Syracuse University for her Masters Degree and currently teaches in the MFA department at the School of Visual Arts.



Marilyn Minter is featured in Edition: Festivus

Mati Klarwein

Mati Klarwein was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1932. Klarwein was exposed to the works of Salvador Dali and Buñuel early in his career, which consequently had a tremendous impact on his work. Much of Klarwein's work is an assemblage of pop culture, religion, surrealism, and psychedelic imagery. During the 1960s much of his commissioned work was album art for many progressive musicians including Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix. He passed away in 2002.


Mati Klarwein is featured in Edition: Festivus

Matt Lipps

Matt Lipps is an artist and photographer born in 1975. He received his BFA from California State University and his MFA from UC Irvine. He has been featured in numerous exhibitions in New York, Athens, Berlin, and San Francisco. He most recently exhibited in "Living History II", curated by Dean Valentine and Marc Selwyn at Marc Selwyn Fine Art. His work is part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Hammer Museum's permanent collections, and has been featured in numerous publications including Picnic Magazine and ANP Quarterly. Lipps currently works and resides in San Francisco, CA, where he is an Associate Professor at San Francisco State University.


Matt Lipps is featured in Edition: Festivus

Matt Mullican

Matt Mullican was born in Santa Monica, California. His work can be seen in museums and galleries in the U.S. and internationally, including Christina Guerra Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Galerie Daniel Blau in Munich, Galerie Georg Kargl in Vienna, Galerie Klosterfelde in Berlin, Galerie Nelson in Paris, Mai 36 Galerie in Zurich, Massimo di Carlo in Milan, ProjecteSD in Barcelona and Tracy Williams Ltd. In New York. He has also completed a number of public and private commissions in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Canada. Mullican lives and works in New York.

Excerpt from Gagarin, Seventh Edition (www.gagarin.be).


Matt Mullican is featured in Edition: Festivus

Maurizio Anzeri

Born in Loano, Italy in 1969, Maurizio Anzeri studied Sculpture and Graphic Design at the Camberwell College of Fine Arts from 1996 to 1999 and at The Slade School of Fine Art in London from 2002 to 2005, where he received an MA in Fine Art and Sculpture. He has exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery, Galleria Palladio, Galleria IMAGE Furini, Luce Gallery, Q Space, and Galleria A Palazzo, among many others. He is known for his "photo embroidery" portraits in which he sews directly into vintage photographs. He currently works and resides in London.


Maurizio Anzeri is featured in Edition: Festivus

Nick Cave

Nick Cave, born in 1959 in Missouri, is an American fabric sculptor, dancer, and performance artist. He is best known for his wearable fabric sculptures called Soundsuits. He received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and also studied dance at Alvin Ailey. He has exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum, Mary Boone Gallery, Studio la Citta, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Forthcoming exhibits include Fantastique, Lille 3000, Tri Postal, Lille, France, October 6, 2012–January 13, 2013 and the Austin Museum of Art / Arthouse at the Jones Center, Texas, September 29, 2012–January 6, 2013. He resides in Chicago and is director of the graduate fashion program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Nick Cave is featured in Edition: Festivus

Phyllis Galembo

Phyllis Galembo was born in New York and received an MFA in Photography and Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1977. She has exhibited at Steven Kasher Gallery, Reflex Art Gallery, Hasley Institute of Contemporary Art, F.I.T. Museum.  Galembo is the author of "Divine Inspiration from Benin to Bahia", "Vodou: Visions and Voices of Haiti", and "Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween and Masquerade Costumes". Her photography is included in numerous public and private collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the New York Public Library. She currently resides in New York City.


Phyllis Galembo is featured in Edition: Festivus

Ria Pacquee

Ria Pacquee is a multimedia artist best known for her performance art series, Madame and It. She has showcased internationally since 1996 in group and solo exhibitions and currently works and resides in Antwerp, Belgium.

Excerpt from Gagarin, Eighth Edition (www.gagarin.be).


Ria Pacquee is featured in Edition: Festivus

Steve McCurry

Born in 1950 in Darby, Pennsylvania, Steve McCurry graduated cum laude from the College of Arts and Architecture at Pennsylvania State University. After working at a newspaper for two years, he left for India to freelance. The launch of his career began when he risked everything to photograph in hostile territory. Disguised in native garb, McCurry crossed the Pakistan Border into rebel-controlled Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion. The photographs he took were among the first to show the conflict and his coverage won the Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad. His work has been featured in most major magazines around the world and he has received numerous awards, including Magazine Photographer of the Year, awarded by the National Press Photographers’ Association and the Olivier Rebbot Memorial Award. He currently resides in New York.


Steve McCurry is featured in Edition: Festivus

Sylvia Stolan

Born in Trondheim, Norway, Sylvia Stolan studied Illustration and Visual Communication at De Hogeschool voor Kunsten in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and received her BFA in Visual Communication in 2007. She currently works and resides in the Netherlands.


Sylvia Stolan is featured in Edition: Festivus

Wangechi Mutu

Artist and sculptor Wangechi Mutu was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1972.  She moved to New York in the 1990s, where she enrolled at Parsons the New School for Design. In 1996, she received her BFA from Cooper Union, and went on to complete her MFA at Yale University.  Her work has been exhibited widely throughout galleries and museums in the US, including the Miami Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, and the Museum of Modern Art. Mutu is represented by Barbara Gladstone in New York, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, and Victoria Miro Gallery in London.



Wangechi Mutu is featured in Edition: Festivus

Wes Lang

Wes Lang was born in 1972 in Chatham, New Jersey. His work has been shown at ZieherSmith, Alexander and Bonin, and Andrea Rosen Gallery all in New York, The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Dealim Museum in Seoul, Peres Projects in Berlin, and V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. He was named one of 2009’s top fifteen young artists by Interview Magazine. A 2010 publication featuring the work of Lang and Donald Baechler, entitled Skulls and Shit, is available from Ajax Press. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Courtesy of the artist, V1 Gallery, and ZieherSmith.

Wes Lang is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah and in Edition: Festivus

Yoshi Sodeoka

Japanese artist and musician Yoshi Sodeoka has been producing art projects since the early 1990s. He studied art and design at Pratt Institute and his digital artwork has been featured in many museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Tate Britain. His work is in the permanent collections of New York's Museum of the Moving Image as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Yoshi Sodeoka is featured in Edition: Festivus and Sanbusaku 2 三部作