My romance with art and music began at a very young age. My mother’s painting and the live rock concerts I enjoyed from high atop my father’s shoulders are some of my earliest and fondest memories. As a Creative Director and designer now, I still look to these things for comfort and inspiration, and more importantly for a break!

The internet is a marvelous thing but the new-found clutter in today’s world has made it harder and harder to sift through it all and stay focused on the things that really matter. With Dream The End I wanted to create something fresh, exciting and beautiful to draw attention to all the hidden gems in art; something that would maximize the wondrous qualities of the internet while maintaining a respectful online space without commentary: A place for people to breathe, enjoy and explore.

Dream The End features music, multimedia, poetry and writing alongside beautiful images and fine art. Every few months we publish a new edition, collected under a playful theme, and collaborations with featured guest editors and DJs.

We have designed the site to be a uniquely distilled sensory experience. Our front page (HOME) shuffles works daily and never looks the same between computers. If you are interested in an artist or work, click on their name to get to their bio page, this will feature their representation or links to more information. Alternatively you can browse using our Featured Artists section.

The innovative sound player we created allows users to listen to tracks featured on our site while exploring, this is one of my favorite things. This unique feature allows for tracks to play uninterrupted while exploring all the different pages on the site. We highly recommend supporting the artists you enjoy by purchasing their music online from the links provided, or even better, the old-fashioned way, from your neighborhood record store.

Dream The End was created for the love of fun and inspiration, and it is where people can see and hear what we love. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Melissa Jones

New York City 2014