Out of Print

In this increasingly digital age, the impact and importance of the printed word and image remains as strong as ever. This edition of Dream The End is a ode to all of the out of print magazines that, across all genres, were bold, audacious, beautiful, iconic, witty, and trailblazing. Ranging from the snippets of American life and pop culture featured Life or Smash Hits to the scandalous and beautifully designed Eros, or from the even more poignant satire of Spy to the fashion forward vision of Dutch, the magazines featured in this edition had a vision and a voice that is worthy of celebration.

Featuring cover artwork from Nova

Dream The End x Tumblr

Tumblr's Head of Fashion & Art Partnerships, Valentine Uhovski, guest edits this colorful edition of Dream The End, selecting artworks by artists who "dream in color" and evoke happiness within the viewer. Featuring many young, working artists, this edition channels the young, fresh spirit of Tumblr and its community. 

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Best of the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been an icon of New York City since its founding in 1870. In celebration of this institution, its new expansion into The Met Breuer location, and its new logo and identity, Dream The End has created an entire edition consisting solely of works found within the museum’s vast collections, spanning across the globe and throughout time. In this edition, mysterious pieces like Medieval reliquaries can be viewed alongside modern photography, 19th century painting and classical sculptures, truly showcasing The Best of the Met.

Featuring cover artwork by Met Mysteries

Guest Editor: Stephan Breuer

Stephan Breuer is a Paris based conceptual artist. His works are based at the intersection of science, philosophy and religion; in his artistic language, every space, architecture, object, behavior, and vibration is a signal, a semiotic resource. He has collaborated with architects, engineers, designers, and fellow artists to realize his works. Look out for Breuer's upcoming exhibition "Ultra Light" at the Palais Royal in Paris, France. Cloud Theory is inspired by the dreams, magic, and wonder that can be drawn from the sky overhead.

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*MIXTAPE from Turbotito

Guest DJ KCRW's Travis Holcombe 3.0

We had such a great time collaborating with Travis Holcombe of KCRW last year that we decided to do it again! Travis has selected 10 new artists who have each contributed 10 track playlists of what they're currently listening to. The resulting collection of 110 songs ranges from 80's pop throwbacks and classical scores to underground rap and catchy dance beats. The mixtapes are being released in groups of 2 & 3 over the next month, so keep checking back to hear the full set!

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Paradise Found

Celebrating all the splendor that this natural world has to offer, Paradise Found features artists working with the earth and nature. From the scientific realm of microphotography and the beginnings of botanical drawing to the painterly world of landscapes and dreamy, ethereal land art, this edition is a slice of the Earth at its most beautiful through the eyes of the best.

Featuring sounds from Listening Earth

Featuring cover artwork by Anthony Lepore

Love + Sex baby

What would a love edition be without sex? In celebration of the launch of v2.0 of Dreamcliq.com our beloved dating site, we collected our favorite works from the most inspiring sexy, sultry (and yes, romantic) artists in existence. Be it 19th century paintings and poetry or love in the digital age, this edition celebrates all the smut, kinky, glory-deliciousness of the L word and the bonus that cums with it ;)

Featuring cover artwork by John Kacere

Come & Play

Dream The End invited artists to submit their work to be featured on our site. What we received was so beautiful and inspiring that we produced a box set of prints and a pop-up exhibition in NYC to go along with this online edition. This online edition features 20 artists and their bodies of work. One piece from each artist was selected to be part of the box set. Available for sale here.

Guest Editor Alex Jovanovich

Blood and death and poor as dirt
Can't leave bed--it all just hurts.

The days are shot and people are rotten--
But fuck all that: Beauty's not forgotten!

Art is magic and life can be nice
Even when festooned in shit and lice.

So dry your tears, babe, you ain't no tool,
And enjoy this most magisterial of editions--
The One And Only: Charm School.

-Alex Jovanovich

Sanbusaku 3 三部作 (3)

The final installment in our three-part Japan series features the fresh, uninhibited world of contemporary Japanese art. Expanding on a national heritage of technological innovation and intricate craftsmanship, these contemporary artists explore the material and conceptual possibilities of art in the twenty-first century, and reveal an ever-thriving culture of creation in Japan today. Discover their experiments in mixed media, interactive technology, porcelain, photography and sculpture that speak to Japan's past and future inside Sanbusaku 3.

Featuring cover artwork by Noriko Ambe

Sanbusaku 2 三部作 (2)

The second installment in our three-part Japan series explores the bright, colorful, often-wacky world of Japanese pop art. The part of Japan's culture people often think about first, Sanbusaku 2 jumps into the kaleidoscopic, two-dimensional and three-dimensional universe of twenty-one artists who embody the irreverent and playful side of 21st century art from Japan. Discover the psychological visions of these artists who embrace reality by altering our perceptions.

Featuring cover artwork by Kiyoshi Awazu

Sanbusaku 1 三部作 (1)

Dream The End explores Japan in a three-part edition. The first installment, inspired by a line from Fujiwara Teika's Superior Poems of Our Time: A Collection of 13th Century Japanese Poems, "Where These Set Forth and Those Return", is an exploration into the monochromatic black and white palette of what is commonly recognized as the classic nature of Japanese fine art. Featured in this edition are 22 Japanese artists working in photography, porcelain, architecture, installation, performance and literature, who retain these sentimental moments that transcend time and space.

Featuring cover artwork by Shomei Tomatsu

Guest DJ KCRW's Travis Holcombe

Travis Holcombe is a DJ at Los Angeles based public radio station KCRW. This edition began with Travis selecting 10 of his favorite tracks by new musicians. These musicians were then invited to make their own playlists of music they love. The resulting game of musical tag contains over 100 amazing tracks from varying musical genres and offers a glimpse into the inspiration of these musicians.

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Guest Editor Zachary Lieberman

Zachary Lieberman is an American artist and computer programmer who uses technology in a meaningful way to create art. This edition explores and exposes the art of coding and Lieberman's selection features various artists from around the world who all have one thing in common, creating art through code.

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LOVE The first time Dream The End has created an interactive art piece for an edition, the LOVE EDITION features animated heart gifs requested by our users in an ongoing social experiment. Similar to scratching a heart on a bench, or scrawling a secret crush on a bathroom wall, users who submit dedications to us will have their heart as part of our LOVE EDITION forever.
Rizzoli: Art

Rizzoli: Art is the final of four weekly editions of Dream The End's "Month of Rizzoli". Showcasing Rizzoli's wide selection of artists and mediums, this collection ranges from Yayoi Kusama's obsessive Infinity Nets and self-obliterations of the 1960s to Henry Moore's monumental sculptures and Rita Ackermann's expressionist paintings. Rizzoli was founded in 1929 by Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli and began its New York publishing operation in 1974. Since then Rizzoli New York has become the primary source for specialized art books in America and a fundamental fixture in the publishing world of New York City.

Featuring artist Barbara Kruger on the cover

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Rizzoli: Fashion

Rizzoli: Fashion is the third of four weekly editions of Dream The End's "Month of Rizzoli". It features a collection of diverse designers and fashion houses, both classic and contemporary. Dior's Haute Couture and Hussein Chalayan's avant-garde designs are displayed alongside the eclectic fashions of Mary McFadden and iconic haircuts of Vidal Sassoon. Rizzoli was founded in 1929 by Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli and began its New York publishing operation in 1974. Since then Rizzoli New York has become the primary source for specialized art books in America and a fundamental fixture in the publishing world of New York City.

Featuring KENZO on the cover

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Rizzoli: Design

Rizzoli: Design is the second of four weekly editions of Dream The End's "Month of Rizzoli". Spanning diverse categories from Soviet product design to Cinelli bicycles, Punk Art, and interior design, this edition pays tribute to a variety of examples of innovative design. Rizzoli was founded in 1929 by Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli and began its New York publishing operation in 1974. Since then Rizzoli New York has become the primary source for specialized art books in America and a fundamental fixture in the publishing world of New York City.

Featuring artist M.I.A. on the cover

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Rizzoli: New York

Rizzoli: New York is the first of four weekly editions of Dream The End's "Month of Rizzoli". Rizzoli was founded in 1929 by Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli and began its New York publishing operation in 1974. Since then Rizzoli New York has become the primary source for specialized art books in America and a fundamental fixture in the publishing world of New York City. The list of featured artists and work is vast, including images from Harlem, one of New York City's most dynamic neighborhoods rife with history and culture, alongside the art of Ryan McGinley and tattoo artist Scott Campbell, architecture of Ralph Walker, and shots of iconic New York City band, The Velvet Underground The diversity of this edition highlights the best of what New York City has to offer.

Featuring artist Ryan McGinley on the cover

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Guest Editor Tom Burr

Tom Burr's curatorial debut at Botolami Gallery is an exploration on the connections one makes in life and how they result in the formation of one's personality. For Tom Burr, identity becomes an indeterminate product of one's interaction with others. Dream The End is featuring works of art from the exhibition at Bortolami alongside other pieces including sculpture, poetry, video, and music selected by Tom Burr. This Live Online Exhibition Edition will continuously grow and expand throughout the month of October.

Featuring artist Hilary Lloyd on the cover.

now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern at Bortolami Gallery

*MIXTAPE from Matthew Higgs

*INTERVIEW with guest DJ Matthew Higgs

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Guest Editor Wes Gordon

Wes Gordon is a New York City based designer and finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Quoted by Harper's Bazaar as part of "New York's new guard", Gordon is a leader of the next generation of fashion's top designers. His interest in architecture and using the body to explore shape and form is evident both in his own design as well as his selection for this edition, which includes pieces by some of his favorite artists and places of inspiration.

Featuring artist František Drtikol on the cover.

*VIDEO interview with Wes Gordon

A Tribute to Women in Film

A Tribute To Women In Film serves as a love letter to some of the most tender, iconic, heartbreaking, and unforgettable performances in film history. This edition, by writer/director Markus Griesshammer, unites famous names from across the globe with relative unknowns. Each performance is fascinating, inspiring, and beautiful in its own way, and the edition features stills from these iconic performances and excerpts from soundtracks.

*MIXTAPE from Adam Peters

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*INTERVIEW with guest editor


Inspired by the super moon on May 5th, LUNACY is a tribute to all things dark, mysterious, and other-worldly. Dream The End partnered with jewelry designer Bliss Lau on a special Limited Edition piece entitled "Ray of Moon" available exclusively for sale on DreamTheEnd.com, and photographer Kava Gorna, on the video introduction to the edition.


*VIDEO interview with Bliss Lau


Inspired by Carnivale, Mardi Gras, and all the festivities that bring on Spring, this edition is full of color, culture and celebration. Filled with masks, costumes, beads and glitter, this is a fun and festive look into our most colorful edition yet.

Featuring Cover Artwork from Jeneleen Floyd


The Music Edition

Jonathan Galkin co-founded DFA Records in 2001 with James Murphy & Tim Goldsworthy. The New York-based DFA Records has become the creative laboratory for numerous cutting-edge artists including The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem. Jonathan Galkin also serves as a Curator for MoMA PS1 Summer Warm Up Series and is a contributor to the Arkitip Magazine & Website.

For EDITION 6, the first all-music edition, Galkin collected 50 tracks that represent the kind of music played at the DFA offices, "titles that are obscure, exciting and very unexpected" says Galkin.


*INTERVIEW with guest editor

*BEHIND "In The Grace of Your Love"

*BEHIND The Rapture at The Rose Bar

Guest Editor Bryan Leitgeb

Bryan Leitgeb was born in Flint, Michigan in 1973. He graduated from New York University in 1996. Under the imprint Ser a.k.a. Seres a.k.a The Serth, he released a number of LPs, CDs, & 7” recordings with the No Neck Blues Band (NNCK) and VIZUSA. In 2010 he opened Mast Books with his wife, James McKee, in NYC’s East Village.

Featuring Cover Artwork from Tantra Song.

An uncharted land not governed by rules: each work determines its own medium and form according to its needs. The concept itself is better understood by what it is not, rather than what it is. Approaching it, we are pioneers again, and shall continue to be so as long as there’s plenty of elbow room and no neighbors around for miles.
–Dick Higgins

*MIXTAPE from Michael Klausman

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Small Wonder

Small Wonder pays homage to quieter works from some of our favorite artists in poetry and writing, sculpture and drawing, and digital media. A black and bright look at process, sketches and ideas, and adventures into the beautiful, unknown and new.

Featuring artist Richard Forster on the cover.

*BROADCAST TRIBUTE MIXTAPE In honor of Trish Keenan, a small wonder the world sadly lost this time last year.

Guest Editor Price Latimer Agah

Price Latimer Agah is an art dealer and consultant based in Los Angeles. Her focus is on emerging, contemporary and post-war art and she serves as VP of The Board of Trustees for the Santa Monica Museum of Art. For this edition, Price explores the work of disparate young artists from present and past times in counter culture who inspire and push the boundaries of our judgements and pretenses.

Featuring Adam Harteau on the cover.

*MIXTAPE from Rob Fissmer of raeo.net

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Out Of This World

A journey through beautiful curiosities and foreign worlds of the past, present and future.

Featuring artist Cassander Eeftinck Shattenkerk on the cover.

*MIXTAPE from DJ Andruzzi


Our first edition for the relaunch is a wonderful introduction to great works across generations, cultures and worlds - inspired by color, light, bliss and a fresh attitude.

Featuring artist Rupprecht Geiger on the cover.


*INTERVIEW with Wilfried Huet