Piano Concerto No. 2 (Played by Andrei Korobeinikov)
Monica Vitti as "Claudia" in L'AVVENTURA
Dolomite in Quartz with rutile
Woman with a Parasol (Madame Monet and Her Son) 1875
Intersect/s (2011)
Sunglasses (1)
Michael Chapman - March Rain
Untitled (body parts) No. 8, (2013)
Mariangela Melato as "Rafaella Pavone Lanzetti" in SWEPT AWAY
Rainbow night, (1971)
Mother-of-Pearl-Garden (1956)
Frank O'Hara reads "Having a Coke With You"
Nina Simone - Baltimore
Kawa Equal Flow no.1533
The Rolling Stones in Drag. From left: Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman seated, New York (1966)
Vertikalspannung, 2010
Beam Drop - Inhotim, Brazil
"Les Plaisirs - Innocents et Morbids" Ballet Costume Design of Twinned Serpents for "L'Or", Ziegfield Follies (1923)
Matthew E. White - Cover of I'll Be Home, Randy Newman
Eiffel Tower. La Tour Eiffel Louis Vuitton, 1978 by Jacques-Henri Lartigue
Conversations (9)
Untitled (Newscaster) (2004)
Shadow Monsters
Six Marimbas
Autechre - Drone
Brunch with the Serpent (2011)
[Crossed Arms] (1941)
Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)
Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow, Blue and Death, (2010)
Woman Before the Rising Sun (1818-20)
Zbigniew Preisner - Song For The Unification Of Europe
Sybyl (2011)
Excerpt from "Totally Fucked"
On a Saturday Afternoon, by Aimee Bender
A Moment's Reflection, Part II
Bodies of Water - Like A Stranger
Brackwasser Biarritz VIII (1929)
Donald Deskey, Cigarette box (ca. 1928)
Sonorous Figure produced by piezoelectric excitation (1967)
Herbie Hancock - Bring Down the Birds
Stilema LB, (2009)
Color Etching (1958)
Distance Field (2011)
Perspective drawing for Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC (1943-59)
Poor Boy
Sebastian Blanck - Tumbling Skies (Featuring Lia Ices)
Untitled (2012)
Make Love (2012)
What is the Difference between Architecture and Sculpture?
Elizabeth Taylor as "Martha" in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?
Circa 2345 (2016)