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Out of the Light
Marcel Duchamp's studio on (the Picabias are in the catskills), permutation 5 (at Bortolami, New York), 2011-12
Pippi Zornoza - Vvltvre's myPsychicAbilitieshavesincebecomegrotesque
To me, "Art is the mastery of sublime and innocent works!"
Poor Boy
The Internal Constitution of Stars
The Corridor, Musée Carnavalet, from Fables (2003-8)
Shrine Drawing (2006)
Fever Dreams
Peter Skubic, Brooch (1995)
Vitrinen in Arbeit (2002-5)
A Man with a Cat (1943)
Henry Rollins in KCRW Studio
Asphalt Rundown
Eliel Saarinen, Prototype tea urn (ca. 1934)
Daphne Oram - Pulse Experiment
Male Hands, Excerpted from The Human Figure
enclosed 14, (2011)
Excerpt from "Where The Two Came To Their Father: Navajo War Ceremonial"
Sao Paulo (2006)
John Moloney - Hush Arbors, "Prayer of Forgetfulness"
Courtesy of Craig McDean
Follow Me
White Whores - Hjerte!Munn!Skjede!Begjære!
Marli Heimann, All During an Hour (1931)
Standing Gin #3 (2011)
Spring ’96 (2013)
ACAB, (2012)
Nina Simone - Baltimore
So It Goes
Landscape Under a Stormy Sky (1889)
Jacques saw me tomorrow morning, 2002
Interferences from Several Spherical Perlin Fields
Rain Room Interventions
If Breath is an Occasion for Memory
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 015) 2010
She Changes, Porto, Portugal (2005), Photo by Joao Ferrand
If You Look Outside (2011)
Love Letter #3
Alberta Ferretti, Monte Carlo (2003)
Glen Wescott, May 1938 (1938)
The Mystery of Artistic Work III (2010)
Unity II, (2012)
Fly Billboard (1996)
Embracing Couple (Study for the Beethoven Frieze), 1902
Brain Fiber Tractography
De La Soul - Long Island Wildin'