Doesn't Mean That Much To Me
Shrine Drawing (Right Detail) (2006)
Trippy Glacier (2011)
Machine to Keep a Feather in the Air
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Zbigniew Preisner - Song For The Unification Of Europe
Wonderfluoro (2015)
Kiss (1887)
Wave II (1925)
Psychedelic Death Vomit (2010)
Matta '85 (1)
On Rachmaninoff's Birthday
Excerpt from "Snout"
Reverie (ca. 1860-65)
Pink Eye
Gene Clark - With Tomorrow
Terry Reid - Brave Awakening
Ordeal by Roses "Barakei" no. 32, (1961)
Now Love is For You (2013)
Saturday 7 August 1999
Fall-Winter 2010 Haute Couture collection. Photo by Patrick Demarchelier
Anne Parillaud as "Nikita" in LA FEMME NIKITA
Deborah Kerr as "Hannah Jelkes" in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA
Dreams and Nightmares of the Queen
Anni Rossi - Cha Cha Cha
Untitled Polaroid (1962-73)
Rorschach Test
An Event About Which No More Need Be Said
Simone Signoret as "Mathilde" in ARMY OF SHADOWS
Speedway PRO 1000 from Cardboard Computer Workshop
SSAW Magazine (2014)
Insert (2009)
Anna Pavlova (1913)
Mariangela Melato as "Rafaella Pavone Lanzetti" in SWEPT AWAY
Chieko Higashiyama as "Tomi Hirayama" in TOKYO STORY
Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2014)
VIOLA (Clip 2)
Louise Fletcher as "Nurse Ratchet" in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST
Magazine cover of 'Escargotskin' (2005)
Ephrem Tamiru - Track 11
Hylas and the Water Nymphs (1910)
Started From The Bottom Now We Here pt1 (2014)
Moveable Type
Zephyrus Image - Ford (1970)
Them and Us, Us and Them, 2000
Longwood Gardens, Field of Light, PA (2012)
"The Look of Gatsby" Photo by Mellon Tytell of Donna Miller & Bob Clement c. 1972 NYC
From Metapher Zahl Portfolio (1985-89)