Wakey Wakey
Dusty Springfield - No Easy Way Down
Collage... (Translated from original text in French and Bassaa)
Cloud Box (1966)
Circle of Animals: Zodiac Heads
Photodynamic Portrait of a Woman, 1924
Avant Garde
Nine Nevada Depressions (1968)
Spain (1960)
Snake (2009)
Steady Pace (Bowlegs Live Session)
Portrait of the artist with Henri Matisse (2014)
Fever Dreams
Mount Edziza Provincial Park #4, Northern British Columbia, Canada, (2012)
Every Beating Second, San Francisco, CA (2011), Photo by Yan Yan Mao
Style My Daughter (2009)
Untitled (Condoleezza Rice) (2008)
Nothing Lost In Translation 1
Untitled - grandmother detail, 2009
Torn Cloud Painting 27 (1971)
Yearbook 1, 2011 20 postcard sized drawings
Pannonia Boundless played by Voxare Quartet
Lucy McKenzie (1997)
Anne Lambert as "Miranda" and Karen Robson as "Irma" in PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK
Untitled, (2013)
Frank O'Hara reads "Having a Coke With You"
Passion Cycle XI (2002)
Kronos Quartet - Dominguez Perfidia
Mortal Engine
Forms in Succession (2012), no.1
Gatefold- Farm (2008)
This Photograph is My Proof (1967)
Lovers Among Lilacs (1930)
From Guy Maddin's Keyhole Project
A Ray Array -Video Installation View, (2012). Video and custom seating from the exhibition Sarah Rara and Mauricio Ancalmo "Not a Particle or a Place but an Action" at James Cohan Gallery
The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love
Lee Strasberg Method Acting
Le Soleil Sur La Montagne (1975)
Red Wine 2 (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)

Paco de Lucia playing Bulerías
Pyrite in Quartz
Untitled (1987)
Power Animal System: Trans-trans-itions
An Event About Which No More Need Be Said
Nightline Passage (1992)
Water Triptych (2003)
Cop (2007)