Rhythm 21
Brilliant Noise
Suicidal Leaves
Argument Clinic
Out of the Light
Soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood to the Film Bodysong Directed by Simon Pummell
Excerpt from "Plantation" in "La Revue Des Revues" (1927)
Excerpt from "La Revue Des Revues" (1927)
The Goddess Has A Thousand Faces
Sybyl (2011)
Violet Dark Spring of the Numinous Orb (2011)
Psychedelic Death Vomit (2010)
In The Grace of Your Love
Poor Boy
Wine and Roses
Roman Bunka
Embryo & Karnataka College of Percussion
Rake (A Private Concert) (1988)
Broadcast and The Focus Group - #1 : Witch Cults
Black Death
The Fall and Michael Clark
Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
Spiral Wave
The Round Wave
Music Video for "Melodia" by Magnus Helgason
Greetings from the People of Earth, made for the 2010 World Science Festival
Diamonds in the Sky
16 Possibilities for an 8 Minute Car Drive
Brain Fiber Tractography
Brain Fiber Tractography
Mortal Engine
Fiber Tractography
Diffusion Tensor MRI Ellipsoids
The Dull Flame of Desire
Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions
DTI Brain Rendering
Brain Fiber Tractography
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Kecak (Balinese Monkey Chant), Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Chickens, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Blue Movie
Lament For Morning
Crazy In Love
So It Goes
Fever Dreams
Whole Brain Fiber Tractography
Fiber Tractography
Biennale Danza 2010
Music Video for "IBM 1" by Magnus Helgason
Yellow Spiral Wave
Close Enough To Kiss
Stranger in a Strange Land
Neko's Nebula
Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture
TV animation | BBC Radio Scotland | Foggie Bummer
Michael Clark Choreography
Westway To The World (1 of 8)
Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man
"Memo From Turner", from the film "Performance" (1970)
Star Wars Bar
Happy In Bits
Broadcast in Australia
The Internal Constitution of Stars
Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Planet
Fall 1
Fall 2
Ialas Salandiw
Nothin' (Private Concert) (1988)
Embryo in a Pakistani circus
Red Pony (1969)
Dreams That Money Can Buy
Free Radicals
No. 11: Mirror Animations
Danse Serpentine (1896)
Black Rain

La Jetée
Ministry of Silly Walks
Follow Me
Matta '85 (1)
Matta '85 (2)
Frank O'Hara reads "Having a Coke With You"
Sunglasses (2)
Sunglasses (1)
The Blood of a Poet
Water Walk
Conical Intersect
Asphalt Rundown
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (2)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (1)
Trio A
Big Love
Brazos (Live at Hopscotch Music Festival 2012)
Steady Pace (Bowlegs Live Session)
Will You Love Me
I Love You
Piss Göttin -excerpt
VIOLA (Clip 3)
VIOLA (Clip 1)
VIOLA (Clip 2)
VIOLA (Clip 4)
Run Boy Run
Transparent Walls in a dance choreographed by Dusan Tynek
Excerpt from Mileva
Pannonia Boundless played by Voxare Quartet
A RAY ARRAY - Excerpt
Actual Reality - Excerpt
Henry Rollins in KCRW Studio
L.A.S.E.R. Tag
The Transfinite
Cardboard Computer Workshop
Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine
Unnamed Sound Sculpture
The Making of Unnamed Sound Sculpture
Shadow Monsters
Rain Room Interventions
All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures
Blind Self Portrait
The Weight of Data
Graffiti Analysis: Sculpture
Zen, 5 (RGBD)
Machine to Keep a Feather in the Air
Of How We Have to Leave Doubts, Expectations and the Unachieved
Delicate Boundaries
Hand from Above
Hand from Above - Tokyo
Super Mario Clouds
Listening Post: "I Am"
Moveable Type
The Written Face
Elevenplay Dance Performance, Scene 2 (at YCAM)
Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue"
Elevenplay Dance Performance for SonarSound Tokyo Festival
Power Animal System: Trans-trans-itions
Power Animal System: Wolfdogmoon
Houndman vs. Powerpoodle
La Lupa
They Will Come and They Will Go
You Will Live Each Day in Springtime
Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA



Les Oursins / Sea Urchins (1928)

Les Amours de la Pieuvre / The Love Life of the Octopus (1967)

L'Hippocampe / The Seahorse (1933)

Cristaux Liquides / Liquid Crystals (1978)

Le Vampire / The Vampire (1945)

Utopia (Me Giorgia)
Piano Concerto No. 3 (Played by Vladimir Horowitz)
The Planets, Op. 32
Turkish March (arrangement for 8 pianos)
Piano Concerto No. 2 (Played by Andrei Korobeinikov)
The Sheltering Sky
Vladimir Horowitz in London

Paco de Lucia playing Bulerías
Six Marimbas

Voiles, Preludes, Book I, no. 2
Out of the Blue
The Bells
Initiés ’88 - Initiés ’99

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Ultra DeepMeditation - Binaural Beats
Alphadirect Brainwave Relaxation

Pas de Deux
Interview with Salvador Dalí
Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Directed by Yavar Abbas
Interview with Marcel Duchamp
Gilles Deleuze on Leibniz
Princesse Elena: Yves Klein's Favorite Model
Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers - exhibition discussion
Lee Strasberg Method Acting
Jeanne-Claude on meeting Christo
All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration
Beam Drop - Inhotim, Brazil