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WHEN WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU REMEMBER BEING DRAWN TO ART?  Some of my earliest memories are of spending hours upon hours drawing and painting at a huge white cast iron table in the playroom of my childhood home.

WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION?  The list is long and steadily evolving, but my family and friends are constantly at the top. Essentially, I am inspired by anyone who lives the dream, fights for what they believe in and does so while being an honest, compassionate person.

WE LOVE THE EDITION YOU PUT TOGETHER FOR DREAM THE END. WHAT FIRST ATTRACTED YOU TO DREAMTHEEND.COM? WHAT DID YOU LIKE THE MOST ABOUT IT?  I was first intrigued by Dream The End’s unique and revolutionary way of designing and manifesting individually-curated selections of multi-media on the web. Of course I was also flattered and thrilled to be invited to participate, and thoroughly enjoyed the process!

TELL US ABOUT THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR EDITION…      The disparate selection of works that I chose was based on the idea of imagination and inspiration as being boundless and borderless, without prejudice. I selected works that endeavor to push the boundaries of judgments and pretenses, and expose the contradictions and dichotomies implicit in the world that surrounds us.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE?  Cheese, cheese and more cheese! But I don’t feel guilty about it.

ANY NEW ARTISTS YOU’VE RECENTLY DISCOVERED?  Eva Kotatkova, Jeneleen Floyd, Sayre Gomez, Master of the Rebel Angels

HOW IS THE ART SCENE IN L.A. DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CITIES? From a historical context, the LA art scene is quite new compared to other cities. Its history has yet to be written, so at this point, it is a little bit of a renegade, undefined landscape, allowing artists the capacity and freedom to forge their own way. That and the ridiculously awesome weather.

WHAT IS YOUR RECURRING OR MOST MEMORABLE DREAM?    Most of my life, I have had recurring dreams about my teeth. The most memorable one was the time that I looked in the mirror to discover that I had rows and rows of rapidly-growing and shedding teeth like a shark.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PRICE LATIMER AGAH INVOLVES …    Hiking with my dogs and husband, attempting to juggle my many interests and workload, cooking and being creative in our pizzeria (Pizzanista!), and daydreaming about or planning our next trip!

price is pink

price is pink