Four Poster Bed (2000)
Fog Sculpture for Dynamo at the Grand Palais, Paris (2013)
The Hermit (Il solitario) (1908)
Vince Martin - Snow Shadows
Grace Kelly as "Margot Mary Wendice" in DIAL M FOR MURDER
Alex North - Colloquy
Blind Self Portrait
Michael Chapman - March Rain
Speak Truth To Power, (2012)
Franz Schubert - Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. 100 (2nd movement)
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (1)
A Woman Shooting, 1992
What is the Difference between Architecture and Sculpture?
Shelf IV, 2009
Heart Sutra, (1981)
Saint Michael and the Dragon, Spanish (Valencian) Painter active in Italy early 15th century, Tempera on wood, gold ground (ca. 1405)
Amber Fall/Winter 2012- 2011. Photo by Phillipe Garcia
The Light Inside (1999-2000)
Ted Berrigan - Sonnet 5
Speed of Light
The Whitman Variations (2011)
Gray Ape (1988)
Trio A
Vladimir Horowitz in London
View from the Window no.2608 (1986)
Arcs From Midpoint of One Side (1973)
Black Death
Johann Sebastian Bach - Siciliana - Sonata BWV 1031 2nd Movement
Photo by Derry Moore
A Moment's Reflection, Part II
All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration
Untitled (Ephemera) 3 (2011)
Kawa Equal Flow no.1533
Untitled (Etchings) (1947-49)
The Written Face
Programming Excerpt from "Hana"
John Stewart - Shackles And Chains
Untitled - brides detail, 2012
Ministry of Silly Walks
Faux Rocks (2006)
Titles, first names and diminutives (Translated from South African)
Lunch Poems (1964)
L.A.S.E.R. Tag
Excerpt from "Green is the balance between light and shadow." (Translated from original text in Italian)