Installation El Mar Caribe Ed. 5 (2011)
David Bowie and Brian Eno - I'm Deranged (Edit)
Conical Intersect
Peter Skubic, Brooch (1995)
Untitled (darkgrey)
American Classic (2015)
Pompeiian Design for Wall and Doorway (second half of 19th century)
Spring's Awakening (The Snow Maidens), 1913
Unknown Title
Raquel Welch, June 1968, Goodbye Baby & Amen
Black and White Diamond Patterned Gown, Evening Winter 1938, Model 4555
Anne Parillaud as "Nikita" in LA FEMME NIKITA
Setsuko Hara as "Noriko Somiya" in LATE SPRING
Run Boy Run
Actual Reality - Excerpt
Out of the Blue

Le Vampire / The Vampire (1945)
Excerpt from "Totally Fucked"
Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun - How the Shadow is Clear
Lines (1969)
Bert Jansch - There Comes A Time
Detail from Landscape with a Rainbow (c.1630)
Shirt #4 (2011)
Matches (2012)
Excerpt from "Plantation" in "La Revue Des Revues" (1927)
East Village Other
Mother of This Domain (2015)
Piss Göttin -excerpt
Blue Sky with Green Moon, (2007). Image courtesy of David Nolan Gallery
Angie Dickinson as "Chris" in POINT BLANK
Ann-Sofie Kylin as "Annika" in A LOVE STORY
The Face
Out of the Light
Persona, 2011
The B-52's - Channel Z
Shigeru Uchida, "September" Armchair (1973)
Kawase Shinobu, Rounded Vase (2001)
Ingrid Bergman as "Ilsa Lund" in CASABLANCA
The Cloud Project (2013)
Katja von Helldorff - Tango de Mierda -from Leiseylento
Six Marimbas
Ennio Morricone - Two Mules For Sister Sara - Main Title
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Keith Hudson - Trust and Believe
Excerpt from "Of How We Have to Leave Doubts Expectations and the Unachieved"
2 Figures (2)
I love white cock, (2012)
RR (2010)
On Rachmaninoff's Birthday
Grasspatch, (2013)