Study for Psyche Before the Throne of Venus
Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, Naoshima, Kagawa, Japan (1992)
Piano Concerto No. 3 (Played by Vladimir Horowitz)
Palácio do Planalto (1958-60), photo by Marcel Gautherot
JPegs (2004)
A RAY ARRAY - Excerpt

Voiles, Preludes, Book I, no. 2
Untitled (At least They Died Together), 2007
Zen no.07 (1969)
The Cold War (1963-65)
John Stewart - Shackles And Chains
L.A.S.E.R. Tag
Pirelli Calendar (2004)
East and West Axes (Axes orient et occident), (1980)
New York (2000)

La Jetée
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (3)
Circa 2345 (2016)
Simmons and Burke - If Not Summer #3
The Virgin Adoring the Host (1852)
The True Artist Helps The World By Revealing Mystic Truths
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (4)
The Street at the End of the World
We Don't Need Another Hero, 1986, billboard project. Artangel, London
Ingrid Bergman as "Ilsa Lund" in CASABLANCA
Will You Love Me
A View of Egmond aan Zee (c.1647-52)
A Christmas Card From Don Van Vliet
Untitled #183 (2015)
Rockford Kabine - Introduzione
Wine and Roses
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Untitled (1970s)
Untitled (Surface Study 2 77) (1977)

Les Oursins / Sea Urchins (1928)
Songs for Schizoid Siblings
Matta '85 (2)
Endless Column at Târgu Jiu, Romania (1938)
Yarmouth Jetty (after 1823)
Static 24 (2009)
Marcel Rocha's Living Room ca 1930, Photo by Roger Schall
Ad Campaign, Autumn/Winter 1984. Copyright Hans Feurer/Wib
Brenda Ray - Dreamin
Run from Fear Fun from Rear (1972)
Hyperborea (2011)
Marcel Duchamp's studio on (the Picabias are in the catskills), permutation 5 (at Bortolami, New York), 2011-12
Mayble, She's Not Crazy (2014)
Pop Magazine (2014)
Collage... (Translated from original text in French and Bassaa)