The Golden Blade by John Clou
Hand from Above - Tokyo
Argument Clinic
Circles and Prisms (1927)
Panoramic View of the Amstel Looking Toward Amsterdam (c.1681)
Fulton Fish Market, Anne St. Marie & Bob Smith, New York (1958)
Trinity Chapel Preliminary sketch (1958)
Lak Sol (2016)
Polar 2d Perlin Field
The Large Bathers (1900-06)
Pineapple from the installation "Still Life With Fruit", (2013)
Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Directed by Yavar Abbas
Seascape Dropout (1982)
Cy Twombly, "Beyond (A System for Passing)"
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"
Excerpt from "Shadow Monsters"
Waxchick, (2014)
So Monumental, (2011)
Solo for Violin, for Sylvano Bussotti, January 2, 1962
Wonderfluoro (2015)
Bill Fay - I Hear You Calling
Jerry (1931)
Ialas Salandiw
The Goddess Has A Thousand Faces
Herbie Hancock - Bring Down the Birds
Untitled (2014)
Thomas Brinkmann - Two Suns
Rail Band - Duga
Broadcast and The Focus Group - #1 : Witch Cults
VIOLA (Clip 1)
Holi Festival of Colour
Pirelli Calendar (2004)
The Bells
John Cale - Half Past France
In The Grace of Your Love
machinedrum - Nastyfuckk
Rhythm 21
Ana Torrent as "Ana" in THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE
Completed Blind Self Portraits
Terracotta amphora (jar) (ca. 490 B.C.)
Reading (Quotation), 2010-12. Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey
Of How We Have to Leave Doubts, Expectations and the Unachieved
Sun Painting (2009)
Supernovas Return (2009)
Red closet, 2010
Uterine Catarrh
Crystalline Forms Part 3 (2010)
East Village Other
Natalie Wood as "Wilma Dean Loomis" in SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS
Animal Show Noise, (2011)